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Special Conditions

This site is for property owners and their representatives/agents to list their property for short term holiday rental accommodation and/or For Sale. All properties listed will incur a flat fee of NZ$25 per year for each property.

  • If an owner has more than one holiday property to advertise each property must be listed separately.
  • All single properties listed may appear on this site more than once but if a client requires a listing to appear in more than one region or location it must first be approved by NZstays.
  • Text in each listing must be descriptive of that property only. You can have a link to an existing website about your holiday property but it is a condition that you include a link back to
  • All links will be inserted by NZStays upon application to us and at our discretion.
  • Content of the linked website must only refer to the subject holiday property for rental.
  • We reserve the right to remove any links on your page that direct to inappropriate material or are in direct competition with the activities of this site. E.g. Real Estate Agencies and other accommodation companies.
  • A contact person's name only must be provided for making enquiries regarding the holiday property for rental. No company names are to be displayed on the site or as a contact. This is to maintain a level playing field for all listers.
  • This is not a promotional website to promote unassociated businesses owned by holiday home owners or their representatives. e.g. plumbers, florist, carpet layers etc.